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Delinquent Back Taxes become Big Tax Refunds!

Debbie and David were haunted with looming back taxes, which indirectly affected David’s San Jose, California dental practice. For several years, tax consultants had put off preparing Debbie and David’s income tax returns and, in many cases, after initial phone calls, those consultants were never even heard from again.

Then came Phil, by referral. He listened to Debbie’s and David’s dilemma and calmly took everything in hand.

A seasoned certified public accountant, Phil requested a Power of Attorney to piece together the back taxes, and he assured Debbie and David that they may rest easy and that things would all be better, soon.

Within a short time, Phil successfully obtained California Tax Amnesty for Debbie and David, he prepared all of their delinquent income tax returns, and he even took the income tax package to the post office! After a short while, between the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board, Debbie and David received a substantial 4-digit income tax refund!!!

David says, “I knew I didn’t owe back taxes, and Phil proved it! Phil believed what we said and never judged. He was a real pro....”

Now, Debbie says, “We’re all up to date. We’ve already received our customized Tax Organizer to prepare for this year’s income tax returns and there’s no more stress… Communication is always great, Phil is always accessible, and we trust in his integrity.”

As if to contribute the last word, David proclaimed, “Phil Foster is my hero …”

— David and Debbie Crane, San Jose, CA

Tax Relief Better than an Offer in Compromise!

Similarly, Michael and Megan, just married eleven months prior to finding Phil, were in deep tax trouble and were in serious need of tax help. In their early 20s, it was a frightening matter to have the IRS threaten to levy their bank account for Michael's 2003 income tax debt of $3,784! The IRS was also demanding the filing of the 2004 through 2006 income tax returns, as well as paying up in 30 days!. As if in panic mode, Michael asked if he should make an Offer in Compromise. (Talk about a marriage starting with stress; dealing with tax problems!)

Their choice of tax preparers, Phil secured the Power of Attorney and prepared all of the required tax returns, including the 2007 Income Tax Returns, in less than two weeks, and, instead of owing the IRS $3,784, the IRS owed Michael and Megan a tax refund of $7,780, plus interest! Even better was learning that the Utah State Tax Commission owed them a Utah income tax refund of $1,324! And even better than that was knowing that their $1,200 federal Economic Stimulus Payment would be mailed to them in May 2008!

"Wow! I didn't quite believe it until I actually saw the money in my bank!... We both really, really appreciate that. You have made our lives so much easier and I have nothing but gratitude.... I'll be recommending your tax services for years to come!"

— Michael and Megan Belmonte, Salt Lake City, UT

Oh, and, yes, then they planned their honeymoon cruise to each of the Hawaiian Islands!!!

Bonus Tax Advice:

Bright tax planners do not recommend investing hard-earned money in Multilevel Marketing distributorships, ill-founded "business opportunities", and questionable tax shelters, for the sole purpose of getting tax deductions. This is what Dave Ramsey calls a "stupid tax"!

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Tax Debt Simply Vanished for an Elderly Couple!

Larry and Susan, both in their 70s, thought that all was lost, when the IRS started levying their bank account, which held what was left from their social security checks, for an income tax debt that was several years old. Surely, it was time to get referrals of certified public accountants, and, after listening to a similar situation on The Dave Ramsey Show, Larry contacted Phil, who was out, the next day, to analyze the situation.

Documents were submitted, right away, proposing that the IRS retract the bank levy, and, instead of having Larry stress whether he could find sufficient funds to make an Offer in Compromise, Phil suggested a more favorable strategy of extinguishing the assessed tax debt, even suggesting that it would simply vanish, in full, in a matter of two years! And, yes, as of October 31, 2011, the IRS forgave the debt, in full!

"...you seem to have the magic touch with the IRS. Thank you!... it feels super good! Susan and I think you are the best."

— Larry and Susan Birch, Salt Lake City, UT

Now, Tax Preparation & Tax Planning Magic, for you!

With Phil, you may rest assured that you are minimizing your income tax liabilities, and optimizing your income tax refunds.

Utah Tax Preparation & Tax Planning Services include -

  • Individual Income Tax Return
  • Return of Partnership Income
  • Corporation Income Tax Return
  • Income Tax Return for an S Corporation
  • Tax Planning for the Coming Year

For tax preparation hints, tax publications, online tax forms and self-help tax research, click on the following weblinks:

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