Financial Wisdom to Rely On

Phil considers financial consulting services as a natural complement to the usual services offered by a CPA. By tailoring his approach to your needs, Phil provides:

A Sure Understanding of Your Money

In the spirit of a dedicated financial professional, and with the heart of a teacher, Phil will help you reach a comfort level with your financial plan, and he does all he can to help you understand what is best for you!

Tax Preparation & Tax Planning

David says, “I knew I didn’t owe taxes, and Phil proved it. Phil believed what we said and never judged. He was a real pro....”

Now, Debbie says, “We’re all up to date. We’ve already received our customizedTax Organizer to prepare for this year’s income tax returns, and there’s no more stress… Communication is always great, Phil is always accessible, and we trust in his integrity.”

David summed it up best: “Phil Foster is my hero …”

— Debbie and David Crane, San Jose, CA

Audit, Review & Compilation

"Phil has aided the Board of Directors of our homeowners' association in maintaining a realistic approach to complying with all of its requirements, … since 1988…and without catastrophe! Thank you, Mr. Foster!"

— Leslie Pano, Campbell, CA

Accounting & Bookkeeping

“I hadn’t realized that Paul was not keeping up with the accounting paperwork, and he was in over his head …” Jeanne admitted.

Jeanne declares, “We had a sales tax [Board of Equalization] audit a few years ago and we passed it perfectly. We feel lucky to have someone like Phil, who will bother with small companies. Most firms don’t want the responsibility.”

— Paul & Jean A, San Jose, CA

Accounting & Bookkeeping

“I’ve known Phil for over 10 years. I have always found him to be honest and to have high integrity.”

— Gary Gleave, Pleasanton, CA

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