Earn Residual Income; Avoid MultiLevel Marketing ( MLM ) Pyramid Schemes

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Avoiding "Get Rich Quick," Pyramid Schemes

For many Baby Boomers, who are, now, retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day, resignation to the reality of working during retirement is not sitting well, at all!

Many Baby Boomers have not succeeded in building wealth through time and consistency of habit, and, perhaps, because they don't know of any better alternatives, many continue to hop from one popular Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Plan to another, repeating the tiring mantra, for each new home based business opportunity, "This is the best thing since sliced bread!"

Most often, there is no question that the companies, or manufacturers of products, are financially stable, and the products, themselves, are high-quality products, but, because the product unit has a relatively low market demand, and because it is a "low price ticket item," the promised residual income becomes a chased-after illusion!

Yes, even if a distributor recruits three, who each recruit three, who all recruit three, for seven generations, generating a team of 2,187 (unrealistic), all trying to make money distributing a "low price ticket item," the bottom falls out for most all distributors!

Worse yet is when upline recruiters, realizing that they can't earn a meaningful income on their own, continue to represent to trusting downline recruits that they can earn meaningful income, if they just recruit and recruit and recruit. At some point, the lack of integrity becomes apparent, and the team morale breaks down.

Though it is understood that the compensation plans to the distributor are, most often, considered legal, through disguising "Bonus" Plans with marginal product sales provisions, such Pyramid Schemes are designed to achieve market saturation and, again, where most individual distributors are concerned, the profit-making opportunity evaporates.

Why are MLM Plans, or network marketing systems, then, so popular? One reason is that promoters of MLM Plans are masters of motivation and inspiration! Illustrating this theory, it has been found that people absolutely crave praise and recognition even more than they desire a paycheck! Just think about it. How often do employees get such praise and recognition at their "9 to 5" jobs?

Another reason for the popularity of MLM Plans is "The Dream." Everyone wants to be somebody special, and that is a good thing! The greatest of inventions and accomplishments all started with a vision, or a dream!

Contrary to all the hype and claims of many MLM Plan promotors, though, the lack of desire and discipline is a relatively minor reason hard-working distributors fail. Again, selling "low price ticket items," such as soaps, vitamins, health and energy juices and phone plans, just does not provide the vehicle to enable achievement of "The Dream."

Unfortunately, the popularity of network marketing is not limited to the Baby Boomers, as it seems to be the business opportunity narcotic loved by those of the younger Generation X and Generation Y, as well!

Evaluating Multilevel Marketing & Similar Plans

Isn't it time to discuss, with a reputable and experienced professional, alternative and realistic plans and strategies to accumulate meaningful wealth, including residual income?

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Network Marketing? "Sure-Thing" Investments?

Throughout virtually all of the first 30 years of Phil's career; even before such a thing came of fashion; and even in fast-paced "Silicon Valley" California, Phil mavericked the professional home business environment! He knows the many benefits of work at home; watching the family's children grow up, maintaining flexibility of time and priorities, taking advantage of business use of the home, or home office deductions, low overhead, etc.

Though he has been the target of network marketing recruiters since he degreed at college, in 1977, Phil has avoided Multilevel Marketing Plan distributorships of "low price ticket" items. Phil has watched, however, as clients, family members, and friends, have lost money in varied "low price ticket" MLM distributorships, Pyramid Schemes and "too good to be true" investments, even to the extent of selling a house to fund specialized overseas training, only to have nothing to show for it in the end.

Work at Home ... But Show Me the Money!

Sadly, Phil has seen, in those clients, family and friends, disappointment after disappointment.

As a certified public accountant, Phil served as expert witness, in California Superior Court, on a case involving a fraudulent corporate business sale, and based on his testimony, justice prevailed!Phil has studied, and has taught, issues of various business models, specifically 1) turnkey systems, 2) ownership systems, 3) network marketing systems, 4) corporate systems, and 5) financial services systems. Each system has its time-tested and proven advantages and disadvantages.

A Superior Home Based Business: Search and Find!

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to recognize, and embrace, the advantages and to recognize, and avoid, the disadvantages of each business model?

Instead of duplicating a failed home business model, wouldn't you rather approach your business from a perspective of real awareness?

After all, there is one thing better than learning from your own mistakes, and that is learning from someone else's mistakes!

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