Understanding Your Money

Inspiration on Financial Advisory and Money Matters

  • "How did he know?"
  • "How could he have known?"

Though it is true that Phil majored and degreed in accounting, at Santa Clara University, he also studied, and maintained above-average achievement in economics and business management. Taught by graduates of, and a professor of, Stanford University's MBA program, Phil learned valuable insight into the foundation of economics and fiscal policy.

But aside all that... isn't it similar to what Mom and Grandma used to teach?

  • "A penny saved is a penny earned."
  • "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."
  • "Don't spend more than you make!"
  • "Money does not buy happiness... but it can sure be fun, when you have lots of it!"

Changing Attitudes about Money!

Money is not the root of all evil!

Money, or the lack thereof, does not make a person good or bad. A person is the way he or she is, already. Putting money, or the lack thereof, into the equation, just makes the true character of the person more transparent!

So, really, what compelled Phil, a California CPA (since 1980) and Utah CPA (since 2007), to advise clients, beginning in 1995, regarding the coming economic slowdown, approaching the year 2010?

What did Phil learn from a Stanford University think-tank team, in 1995? What model did he embrace, in 1996, from an article in the San Jose Mecury News?

More importantly, what does Phil foresee, now, in terms of the future economic climate?

Question: If what you always believed to be true, turned out to be not true, how soon would you want to know?

Unfortunately, it seems, many get sold a whole life insurance policy (rather than a term life insurance policy), just because the commission to the life insurance agent is larger!

Eighty five years of historical results, does not guarantee like results in the future, especially in this new, global economy. This new era introduces a whole new game, and we need brand new strategies!

Now, a New Financial Focus for You!

In the spirit of a dedicated financial professional, and with the heart of a teacher, Phil will help you reach a comfort level with your financial plan, and he does all he can to help you understand what is best for you!

A Financial Visionary Who Keeps his Fingers on the Pulse of the Economy and Talks in Simple Terms!

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I have a question for Phil:

You work hard for your money. Learn how to make your money work hard for you!

  • Enjoy greater cash flow by earning more income and by managing your expenses.
  • Break the bonds of "bad" debt by reducing it and effectively eliminating it, altogether!
  • Prepare for unforeseen emergencies and opportunities by establishing and maintaining healthy cash reserves.
  • Protect your family income and nest egg from financial loss with appropriate health, disability and life insurance.
  • Save and invest for the future, considering the adverse effects of inflation and taxes.
  • Preserve your estate, so that you can protect it from taxes, probate and other final expenses.
  • Teach the above Golden Principles to your sons and daughters and make a positive effect on your family tree!
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