Get Your Yurt Time Reservation Today!!!

Here’s the deal; $500 buys you ONE week in Yurt time opportunity. That’s right - Yurt time Reservation for ONLY $500 - that’s it!!! What could that possibly get you?? ONE week stay in a private yurt once every 5 years. You want access to a week EVERY year - get 5 Yurt time Reservationsfor ONLY $2500!!!

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Reservations will go fast...

The opportunity to share - once your purchase is final that # becomes the order in which you have access to scheduling your week.

Annual Maintenance Fee. Each single Yurt Time Reservation shall have an obligation to pay $100 per year for ongoing maintenance. These payments will generally be due between March 1 and May 1 of each calendar year, except for the year 2013 when payment would be due August 1, 2013. If the annual fee is not paid, the Yurt Time Reservation will be forfeited.

YES you are reading this correctly --- it’s the deal of the universe!

Your $500 will be placed in an escrow account to reserve your YTR. ALL monies will go through Escrow Specialist ...

See escrow agreement.

You do the math - the most affordable way to experience the vacation get-away of a lifetime. YurtRanch located by beautiful Star Valley with the Caribou National Forest a walk away.

You choose how often you want to experience the great outdoors - once every 5 years or make it a family tradition and enjoy once every year. The opportunities are endless!

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